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A collection of ecumenical movements growing out of the Middle East proper as well as originating from other areas outside of the Middle East with the Middle East at its focus. It’s very easy to understand why there’s a global interest among Christians about the health of the church in the Middle East. Let’s not dance around the issue.



Christianity is under a tremendous amount of strain and pressure in the Middle East.

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It’s becoming more and more dangerous to profess faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in this part of the world.

There is really no avoiding this issue. Due to regional conflicts as well as sectarian violence that sometimes comes in waves, it is easy to see why historic populations of Christians in the Middle East, in particular the area of the Levant and the area historically known as Babylon, has gone through massive changes. A lot of those individuals will not come back.


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This really is very alarming because of the historic DNA of Christianity that is found in the Middle East. This is, after all, the area that Christ and His disciples walked. This is the area where the Lord Jesus spread the gospel originally. It was from this area that His immediate apostles, referring to the original 12, spread the good word. It was only after the conversion of the apostle Paul to the gospel did this otherwise small and seemingly insignificant Jewish sect explode to all areas of the Mediterranean.

Roman Empire

In a historically short period of time, Christianity extended far from Judea all the way to Greece, Asia Minor, Rome and Spain. Its spread, as the Roman empire started to collapse, is nothing short of phenomenal and it was not a very easy journey either. It started out as a persecuted sect. In fact, it was only after around 30 years after Christ’s execution that the first concerted suppression of Christians began under the Roman emperor Nero.


In those days, the bishops of local churches were in equal standing to each other. The bishop of Alexandria, for example, was of equal stature and theological authority to the bishop of Antioch which in turn was of the same stature as bishops in Rome and other places. Without going into any theological divergences as to the nature of authority as well as schisms.


It is within this historical context that the Middle East Council of Churches bases its advocacy. We have always understood that the role of the church is to act as a global council of other independent churches in the area and geographic areas beyond. We are also firm believers in the council-based authority of the original church as were reflected in the letters of the apostle Paul.


We could all agree as Christians who share the same grave concern for the health of our shared faith in the Middle East that it’s very important to keep the outreach and conversation as well as comfort to fellow Christians in the Middle East alive.


We could all agree as Christians who share the same grave concern for the health of our shared faith in the Middle East that it’s very important to keep the outreach and conversation as well as comfort to fellow Christians in the Middle East alive.

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

We are facing really challenging times as far as fellow believers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are concerned in the geographic Middle East. We’re not just focused on the relatively healthy state of the church in Lebanon or certain parts of Israel. Instead, we are also looking at preserving the church to the extent possible in places like Iraq, Yemen, Syria and other places. Due to the Syrian civil war, this has been far from easy. In fact, getting reliable communication to and from that part of the world has been very, very challenging.

the Middle East Council of Churches stands as a beacon of moral

Be that as it may, the Middle East Council of Churches stands as a beacon of moral, if not financial and physical support, to Christian churches regardless of theology or denomination based in the Middle East. We are of the firm belief that due to the historic nature of the church in the Middle East that it is the cradle of our shared Christian faith.

Regardless of the specific sect, theology or spiritual traditions you come from as a believer, we hope that you can join us in our shared advocacy for supporting churches in the Middle East to keep safe and to keep spreading the word. This is not always easy considering differences in state policies regarding proselytizing and conversions and evangelism. Still, we stand firmly on evangelism or simply getting the word out to be understood.

Instead, we believe that the best testimony any real Christian has to the rest of the world is based primarily on how they live their lives. Just by looking at how you live your life, people can get a clear understanding of what you truly believe. This is the key to the Christian experience. This is the key to living out Christ’s word in a bold, firm, yet respectful way.

Thomson Polan, CEO @ Caramal Digital Studio

We understand and respect local laws regarding evangelism, but we also insist that the true measurement of Christian belief is not the words coming out of that person’s mouth. You don’t have to evangelize by quoting the Bible or making a great speech regarding how people should live. There’s enough of that in the world.

Thomson Polan, CEO @ Caramal Digital Studio

We respect local traditions in the Middle East. We definitely respect local laws. But we also are firm Christians and believe in outreach, support, and building up of remnant Christian churches in this part of the world. Join us in our mission. At the very least, please join us in daily prayer for our brothers and sisters from this part of the world. May they continue to grow in the faith. May they continue to strengthen their walk with Christ and may this connection with the Holy Spirit embolden them to live fearlessly day after day, not for themselves, not for their children, not for their loved ones, but for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thomson Polan, CEO @ Caramal Digital Studio

Middle East Council of Churches!

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Why Should You Look for Propylene Glycol-Based E-Juice?

There’s quite a bit of a civil war going on in certain vaping circles. I know civil war seems a bit of a harsh label, it might even seem like an overreaction, but if you think about the range of emotions involved as well as the stark descriptions of the difference of opinion in certain vaping circles, it is actually quite an understatement.

There is quite a bit of a civil war, at least as far as differences of opinion are concerned. On the one end are people who are insisting on vegetable glycerin or all-natural e-juice components. In their minds, as long as an organic fruit or plant material is steeped in the right oils or compounds and introduced to a vaping formula, then the formula, in and of itself, is completely natural.

Now, keep in mind that just because something is natural, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s healthy. After all, opium poppies are natural. And heroin, which a  product of opium poppies, is anything but healthy.

In fact, most people would not disagree with this. Most people would concur. The only disagreement that you would have are probably from people who are strung out on heroin. Despite the opinion of heroin junkies, heroin is a bad product.

This is where the whole natural vaping movement breaks down because they are too quick to hype up the supposed benefits of purely organic or nature-based components that they often overlook the actual taste, smell and health impact of those components. In other words, we might be in the classic situation where we’re creating more problems than we’re solving.

Believe it or not, online Ejuice stores insisting on a purely organic and purely natural approach to vape juice might open a whole new can of worms. This is why it’s always a good idea to look at the distinct advantages of propylene glycol based e-juice.

Now, a lot of people start developing allergic reactions mentally when the word “propylene glycol” is mentioned. They think that it’s automatically some sort of nasty chemical. They automatically fear for their safety.

Some people might even think that this is a purely synthetic material. It isn’t. This is a food grade, naturally occurring compound approved by no other than the US Food and Drug Administration.

The main reason why a lot of otherwise green vaping purists prefer propylene glycol is that it gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to flavors. You can steep a lot more stuff in it. It is also less viscous and has a thinner consistency. This makes it more versatile compared to vegetable glycerin.

Vegetable glycerin can be unwieldy if prepared improperly or formulated in the wrong way. It might even screw up your vaporizer. Now, I’m not saying your vaporizer would stop working, but you should at least invest quite a bit of time cleaning it up because vegetable glycerin can produce a residue.

So keep this comparison in mind when it comes to your next e-juice purchase. Things are not as black and white as some proponents would like to paint the situation to be. There’s a tremendous amount of advantages on each side of the equation.


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