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The Middle East Council of Churches

The Middle East Council of Churches

We are firm believers that whatever separates us is nothing compared to what unites us. What unites us, of course, is our shared love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the Father except through Him. We believe that these are the words and the truth that guide our every step, and this is what enables us to reach out to Christians from the geographic Middle East regardless of the specific theological tradition they come from.

This website highlights the special advocacy of the Middle East Council of Churches. We are an ecumenical Christian movement. There is no one Christian denomination that dominates the MECC. Instead, we believe in a democracy of different churches engaged in genuine outreach, genuine exchanges of ideas and most importantly, exchanges of support.

All these details are immaterial in the light of our shared love and loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ whose name is above every other name in the universe. We understand that God has come down to earth in the person of Jesus Christ. He is God Almighty, He is God Incarnate and through His life, He had shown us the way to overcome sin and overcome the world.

This is the core of our belief and this is why we believe so strongly in supporting churches that are currently struggling in the Middle East. Whether they’re struggling with direct persecution, indirect persecution, harassment or internal fighting, our hearts go out to them. Most importantly, our prayers go out to them, that the Holy Spirit guides them and leads them to all truth. The Holy Spirit is powerful enough to help them overcome whatever internal divisions they may face

We look at our mission with open eyes. We know that the threats outside, in whatever form they may be and in whatever scale they appear, is often as equally dangerous if not less dangerous than the internal divisions within these specific churches. We pray for their unity. We pray that they heal internal wounds and they reach out to each other both within the Greater Middle East region as well as to Christians the rest of the world over.

We need to support each other because the Lord Christ has said that one would know that one is a true follower of Christ by the love in their lives. Anybody can talk a good game about following Christ, anybody can recite Bible scriptures, anybody can talk about the good works that they do but none of that really matters. What matters is the Christ that’s living in our hearts as evidenced by what we do.

Regardless of what adversity the world throws our way, Christ commands us to respond the way He responded which is love. In fact, He loved the world so much that He sacrificed everything for it. He gave everything for it. That’s how intense His love is and that is the love that we ask people who claim to follow Him must reflect in our lives. Otherwise, there is no truth in us. Otherwise, we are false followers if love is not the law in our lives.


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This is not a question of religion but a question of relationship to the truth. Do we stand in the truth and the light or do we stand in confusion and darkness? There is no middle ground because if we choose the light, we will be able to choose to project love. We’ll be able to choose to be used by God as endless channels of generosity, compassion and kindness to those around us. All the big talk in the world, all the good behavior pale in comparison to a life lived in the full light of God’s love.

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