How Do I Get Saved?

This is a very interesting article considering that nominally, you’re a Christian. If you’re reading this article, this means that you go to some sort of church. This may mean that you have been raised a Christian, you went to a church, your parents were Christians before them and possibly, your family has been Christians for hundreds of years. What’s the problem? What’s the big issue?

Let me tell you an uncomfortable truth. We may think we’re Christians but really, if we ask ourselves honestly, what is our Christian walk? Is it just because we wear some sort of crucifix? Is it because we go to some type of church with a certain type of architecture that has a certain address and it attracts certain types of people that call themselves members of our denomination? What is it?

I’m sorry to report. It really pains me as you’re a fellow lover of Christ that for the most part, our experience of Jesus Christ is really just like an experience wearing a piece of clothing. If you wear a piece of clothing, people can identify where you’re from. People can make certain judgments or guesses as to how you think, how you talk, what’s important to you, so on and so forth. But ultimately, it is just an outward manifestation. It’s an outward marker. Who knows what shape your heart is in? Who knows who you’re ultimately loyal to?

Outward manifestations can only go so far and unfortunately, too many people who call themselves Christians think that the uniform is the substance. They think that to be Catholic, Maronite or whatever, is just to go to the right church, hang out with the right people, say the right things, go through the right rituals and that’s it. Other than that, stay true to the 10 commandments. Don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal, that kind of stuff. That’s it. That is the summation of the Christian walk and I’m telling you brothers and sisters, that is not enough. Because that’s not what Christ demands.

Christ demands all of you and that means faith in Him and Him alone. This goes beyond church membership. This goes beyond family traditions or family customs. Instead, do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ? How real is He in your life? Do you really believe in “what would Jesus do?” Because the world makes fun of this statement. The world makes a big deal of this statement because in its mind, it highlights how ridiculous Christians are. In its mind, it is a ridiculous mixture of religion and practical living. But it is the most powerful guide that you can have in this world or any other world.

What would Jesus do? When you find yourself in a situation, what would He do? What would He say? How would He feel? How would He respond? If that is your basis, then that means Christ truly is your Lord because you’re no longer living for yourself. You’re no longer subject to your appetite, your habits, your past, your patterns, your worries. Instead, it is Him living in you, through you, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to reshape the world according to His will. That is God’s will for you. It’s not about you.

If you’re a Christian and you believe that it’s not about us and all about Him, we live our lives for His glory. I’m not just talking about these words coming out of my mouth. I’m talking about our actions. As the book of Jude teaches, the most important way to see what a person believes is to look at how he actually lives. And if you actually live in relationship to Jesus and you allow, out of love, Him to live out His life for you, and you’re always thinking out of love, not fear, not intimidation, not worry that you would lose out on eternal life, but love.

To give to others, even if they can’t give to you. To love your enemies. To throw your arms on people who spit at you or slap you. If you’re able to do that, then Christ is real in your heart. Other than that, we’re just going through the motions. This is just basically all for show. You’re just basically wearing a label. Unfortunately, at the end, labels do not save. Churches do not save. Religions do not save. Do you know what does? Jesus.

Jesus saves. Let’s focus on those two words and the truth will come out because if you have an ounce of love for God because of the sea of love that He pours into your life every single moment, then it starts becoming clear. You start putting these patterns together and you start making your way to Him.

I’m not saying you should leave your church. All I’m saying is that you should leave the pattern that you’re on right now, that insulates you from truly knowing Christ. Because He wants to know you. In the Book of Revelation, it states, “He is at the door knocking, knocking at the door of our hearts and He wants to be let in.” But ultimately, He gives you the choice. You can keep Him out in the cold or you can open and the door and say, “Jesus, come on in and rearrange the furniture. Do whatever you like because I am Your slave.”

I would rather be Your slave than the master of my world because world mastery leads to nothing. That’s the kind of transformation He is looking for and He is offering it, right now, right here, second by second. Are you going to open that door?